infanci is a product I've created to help my wife and I track data about our children. It is primarily a native PHP application on the backend (including a custom REST API), with React and Backbone on the frontend. It has been an immense help to us and has become my favorite side project thus far.

joustme.io is a project I've been dreaming up for some time now. It is a Joust clone with an arena brawler twist that pits you and your friends against one another on your flapping mounts. It is made with Phaser, socket.io, NodeJS, and MySQL. Give it a try! It isn't the prettiest yet, but it will see better days soon enough.

fifth-row-py is an API wrapper I wrote for The Fifth Row sports data API. It is written in Python 2.7 and makes it extremely simple to retrieve information from the API. With this module, you can retrieve live sports data in a whopping two lines of Python. For more on the project, visit the Github repo using the link above

Scribly is the first open-source project that I've ever authored. It was built for the purpose of providing a website's users with a simple, easy way to edit their content on a webpage while making it easy for the developer to give them that option. For the sake of not getting too technical, if you want to learn more I encourage you to click the link above where the project is fully explained on Github.